Welcome To The Russell Heil Blog 

Welcome To The Russell Heil Blog

Russell Heil is the preaching minister for the Bullard Church of Christ in Bullard, TX. After graduating from Abilene Christian University as a Preacher Progeny Scholar with a degree in Christian Ministry, Russell and his family(Kari, Maryn) moved to Rolla Missouri and worked with the 63 South Church of Christ. In February of 2003, they moved and began their ministry in Bullard.

As an interactive extension to the ministry at the Bullard Church, this site has been created and is all about...Life - Thoughts - Teachings - Stories - Commentary - Devotions - Spiritual Formation

"It is my prayer that you are encouraged in your life, strengthened in your faith, and that we are all edified together. I hope you will leave your comments and questions so that we can grow and learn together."


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